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Unlike banks or other more conventional lenders that have strict guidelines, Endeavor Capital typically will commit to close a special situation transaction within a few days since the loan is entirely based on the strength of the subject collateral versus the financial condition of the borrower. And, although we are private lenders and not equity participants, we strongly believe that our years of experience can provide our clients with an unparalleled amount of expertise in successfully reaching their real estate investment goals.

Custom Lending

Endeavor Capital is a “unique requirements” private lender where every real estate loan represents a special situation. Although we welcome opportunities that come with sophisticated PowerPoint business plan presentations and exceptionally well-defined exit strategies, we are usually quite comfortable in simply discussing the real estate loan request and gaining an understanding of the experience of the borrower and the strength of the collateral backing the loan.

Time is of the Essence

In most cases, we will make our real estate funding decision within one week of beginning the underwriting process. And so from first introductions to the closing of your real estate loan, the entire process should not take more than 10 business days. Our objective is not to burden the borrower with requesting information that is not relevant to the successful execution of the loan but to allow the borrower the flexibility to manage the project.