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Loan Application

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Loan Criteria

  • Loan Amounts


  • Loan Duration

    6-24 Months

  • Interest Rate

    Starting at 8.95%

  • Origination Fees

    Starting at 2% (Subject to Broker Participation)

  • Closing Timeframe

    Within 4 weeks of Term Sheet Execution

  • Geography

    New England, Southwest Florida, New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico

  • Security

    Senior, Secured First Mortgage with Exceptions

  • Prepayment Penalty


  • Property Types

    • Multi and Single Family New Construction
    • Condo and Residential Land Acquisition
    • Infrastructure and Construction
    • Retail/Office/Distribution/Self Storage
    • Hospitality
    • Medical Office/Long Term Care
    • Age Restricted and 40B (Massachusetts Only)

  • Brokers

    Always Protected