Commercial Loans

Commercial Loans

Commercial loans are lending instruments between a lender and a business in which funds are lent to the business for a specified, business-related purpose. Possible commercial loan lenders include banks, credit unions and private lenders such as Endeavor Capital. Depending on the needs and qualifications of the applicant, a wide array of loan types and structures may be available. Revolving lines of credit, fixed-rate term loans and commercial real estate mortgages are among the many varieties of commercial loans. Proceeds from commercial loan facilities are used in a number of ways including the acquisition of real estate or equipment, funds for working capital, and the refinancing of existing commercial loan debt. Based on the needs of the applicant, a lender will underwrite the business by evaluating the financial condition of the business – possibly including its owners, guarantors, and collateral – in order to evaluate what type of commercial loan to offer. However, some private lenders, such as Endeavor Capital, are able to make lending decisions based upon the financial strength of the underlying collateral, without relying upon the credit history of the applicant.

Financing Tailored to each Client

Free of the strict guidelines of banks and other conventional lenders, Endeavor Capital is able to offer creative financing uniquely tailored to the needs of its clients. By providing its clients with a suite of commercial loan solutions, Endeavor Capital is able to fund loans for acquisition, construction, and other investment projects, all within an expedient time frame. As a private lender, Endeavor Capital understands that circumstances of each and every client represent a unique opportunity. Rather than burdening potential clients with extensive lists of required information, Endeavor Capital requests only the information that is relevant to the project at hand and is therefore able to fund loans over a short time frame. Most of Endeavor Capital’s commercial loans to move from introductory meetings to closing within ten business days.

More than 50 years of Industry Experience

Led by an executive team that combines for more than 50 years of industry experience, Endeavor Capital provides unparalleled expertise in assisting clients as they realize their real estate investment goals. Regardless of its complexity or unconventional nature, Endeavor Capital wants to discuss your vision for your real estate project.