Real Estate Loans

Real Estate Loans

Real estate loans are loans that are secured by a mortgage on real property. But the acquisition of real estate can be expensive, often greatly exceeding the capital reserves of potential buyers. In order to satisfy the needs of potential buyers, lenders such as Endeavor Capital offer real estate loans whose proceeds can be used to purchase new real estate, improve existing properties, or refinance existing debt.

Each loan is a unique opportunity

Unlike many conventional lenders whose lending decisions are confined to strict guidelines based upon the credit history of the applicant, Endeavor Capital provides real estate loans based upon the value of the underlying collateral. These short to intermediate-term real estate loans bypass a conventional underwriting structure and are instead based upon the financial strength of the real estate, providing applicants with a creative means of acquiring necessary capital.

As a private lender, Endeavor Capital understands that each and every real estate loan represents a unique opportunity. Rather than burdening potential clients with extensive lists of required information, Endeavor Capital requests only the information that is relevant to the project at hand. This efficient decision making process allows most of Endeavor Capital’s loans to move from introductions to closing within ten business days whereas conventional lenders may take as long as 90 days or more.

Acquisition loans

Acquisition loans are loans used to purchase a particular asset such as a business entity or real estate. Lenders typically require an understanding of the asset to be purchased, including its historical performance and profitability, as well as a thorough knowledge of the applicant’s prior credit history before providing an acquisition loan. This can be a time consuming process. Endeavor Capital, a private lender, is able to rely upon the financial strengths and qualities of the underlying asset without placing a reliance upon the credit history of the applicant. This allows for creative, situational financing that can be closed and funded within a short time frame.

Real estate bridge loans

Real estate bridge loans are short-term business or personal loans secured by real estate. Real estate bridge loans are often used for properties that require a capital injection but are in transition such that longer term financing is not yet available. Endeavor Capital understands that time is of the essence when it comes to real estate bridge loans so approval decisions are often made within one week of application with closing usually taking place within 10 business days of initial contact.

Mezzanine loans

Mezzanine loans provide an opportunity for businesses to gain access to the capital that they need without having to commit precious collateral. As subordinated debt or preferred equity, mezzanine loans are often used to fund growth, expansion or acquisitions – endeavors that require capital but do not necessarily adhere to the strict underwriting guidelines of banks and other conventional lenders. Direct lenders such as Endeavor Capital are able to provide access to mezzanine loan funds in a quick and timely fashion, allowing applicants fast access to the funds they need in order to grow and manage their businesses.